Vivian is an inquisitive and enthusiastic designer. Curious how the world works and what the world of tomorrow beholds. With interests in the fine line between fiction and reality and how they intermingle, she creates speculative scenarios. As she believes that design lends itself as a prism and research tool for an inquiry into the anthropogenic era and its complexity. She is looking for designership on the borders of art, design, and science. By using questions to form narratives, outcomes vary from props to installations that bring to life alternative realities. Looking forward to combining environmental issues and design thinking through collaboration. She is not a biologist or a chemist, but practicing design gives her the opportunity to gain knowledge in areas other than design. To tell stories, ask questions and to give possible future scenarios.



2018 MA Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art | London

2015 GDA Summer Sessions 2015 | Detroit US

2015 BA Product Design | ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem NL

2014 Internship | Thought Collider | Amsterdam

2013 Workshop Camper Shoes | ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem

2013 Minor | ArTech Lab | ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Enschede

2011 EF Beijing CN

2010 EF Brisbane AU

2018 RCA Finals 2018 | Royal College of Art| London UK

2017 Common Ground | ArtEZ Product Design | Dutch Design Week 2017 Eindhoven NL

2017 Orlando: The Queer Element |Knole House | Kent GB

2016 Big Deal no7 | Leister square carpark | London GB

2016 InScience Film Festival | Nijmegen NL

2016 Cultuur op de Campus | Radboud University | Nijmegen NL

2016 Design Expositie 2016 | Stadsmuseum Doetinchem NL

2015 Behind the Screens | Dutch Design Week 2015 Eindhoven NL

2015 Innovate Arnhem | Stadhuis Arnhem NL

2015 We Fake It | Valade Gallery CCS Taubmen Centre | Detroit US

2015 ArtEZ Finals 2015 | Arnhem NL

2014 ArTech Lab | TETEM | Enschede NL

2014 MEH! Collective Arnhem Product 2014 | Tape | Arnhem NL


2018 Food&, Food & Nuclear War

2015 Frame 106 sep/okt

2015 De Fusie; platform voor opinie

2015 ArtEZ Finals Magazine 2015

2017 Shortlisted for Bio Art & Design Award

2015 Shortlisted for Generate 15 by Energy Academy Europe in Groningen

2015 Shortlisted for Blooom award by Warsteiner 2015

2014 1st Prize Solar Energy Challenge by Gelderland Valoriseert